Questions 20-Somethings Wish They Asked Their Mom When They Were Growing Up

Don’t be shy to ask your mom questions you have in mind!

We bet there’s that one question you wish you asked your mom when you were younger that could have probably changed your life or the way you dealt with things back then. 

Unfortunately, for most of us, our teenage years weren’t exactly a time when we had the courage to simply ask mom about—well—things, especially if the question has something to do with the changes going on in our bodies. In fact, just the thought of asking about them made you cringe in embarrassment, but admit it: Looking back now, you probably realize that you shouldn’t have made such a fuss about it because, at the end of the day, it’s a question your mom would have loved to answer for you.

Read on as women in their 20s share the questions they wish they asked their mom when they were in their teens:

“I can be super awkward when it comes to showing affection. Hugs, kisses, and words of affection easily make me flinch and embarrassed, while my mom gave and received those so freely and with grace. I wish I asked her how to do the same. Her answer would’ve made a world of difference in how I handled relationships when I was younger.”
-Stella, 29

“Boy trouble was such a tough thing to deal with growing up! I’d cry to Taylor Swift’s songs on my iPod whenever I felt heartbroken back in high school and just let the tears flow until I felt better. I didn’t really want to open up to my mom because I thought she would find my concern too shallow. But when I started my first real relationship recently, I realized that she has a lot of advice to offer. I wish I asked her for some words of wisdom about love when I was an emotional and pimply teenager.”
-Kai, 24

“I’m someone in my late 20s who’s still struggling with personal financial matters because of impulse purchases. Parang nagtatrabaho lang ako para magbayad ng credit card. Haha! This is why I wish I asked my mom about how to effectively discipline myself when it comes to handling money when I was younger. If only I asked about that sooner, mas may ipon sana ako ngayon.”
-Ja, 28

“You know how there’s this switch that goes off during adolescence that makes you ashamed of wanting to do things to your body to make it look better? I remember during prom season, I so badly wanted to get rid of my body hair—armpits, legs, and yes, down there. I tried to shave the fuzzies off with my dad’s razor secretly, thinking it would be easy. I ended up cutting myself badly, and my mom found out shortly after. It was her who told me that I should have asked for her help so I wouldn’t get hurt. Well, thanks, mom. After that incident, I didn’t hesitate to ask her about anything anymore. I know she’s there for me.” 
-Paula, 27

“I wish I asked my mom for ‘the talk.’ I know she tried to initiate it out of concern for her growing daughter, but I was a dismissive teen and she’s such a shy soul. Being able to talk about the changes going on in my body with her would have been an unforgettable experience only if I made her feel that I welcomed her knowledge about it.”
-Gail, 25

“Until now, I’m dealing with the repercussions of growing up ‘ugly’ or ‘fat.’ I think it would’ve been nice to ask my mom about self-love, to get to ask what ‘beauty’ is, and to hear na it’s not about your size.”
-Kristine, 24

“I wish I got to ask her about intimacy and sexuality. Kasi in our country, it’s so taboo to even talk about it, and even if people are open, sometimes, the vibe is still very much tolerant lang. I feel like I have a lot of fears when it comes to intimacy, and I think it would have been better to learn about it from a trusted person like my own mom than online.”
-Mae, 24

“I wish I asked my mom if I can get some time off from school to really think about what I want to do in college. She’s very understanding and would have given me some advice, but I went along with the flow of those around me.”
-Jen, 27

“I’ve always been curious about what I was like as her daughter, so I wanted to ask her about the things I did that frustrated her as well as the things that made her proud. Had I asked that sooner, I would have had a clearer idea of the things I should’ve done to be a better daughter instead of blindly trying to meet ‘expectations’ I created in my head when all she wanted was for me to be happy.”
-Kath, 28

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