Self-care On A Budget: Tipid Tips On How To Give Yourself The Ultimate TLC

Because you don’t have to break the bank to feel good!

What is your idea of self-care?

Is it treating yourself to something you’ve been craving after a long day? Or, perhaps, curling the couch with a good book and a warm cup of coffee within your reach? Maybe, you’re someone who enjoys soaking in the bath or shower as you get lost in a daydream. Whatever your answer is, we can all agree that self-care doesn’t have to hurt our budget—just like how the best things in life are free. 

In case you’re in need of some ideas for your next self-pampering sesh, we listed down 5 tipid tips on how to give yourself the ultimate TLC without breaking the bank. You’re welcome.

Declutter your room or your closet and find some pieces that you can donate to charity or even sell for that extra coin (yas!). Tidying up your space also minimizes distractions for when you have to attend your online class or an important online meeting, plus, it promotes better sleep! 

Take a power nap
Speaking of sleep… taking a power nap has a lot of benefits! From boosting your memory and cognitive skills to cranking up your energy levels, getting a 10 to 10-minute shuteye is one of the easiest and most inexpensive treats you can give yourself for a healthier mind and body!

Try journaling
It’s virtually impossible for you not to have the stuff required for this self-care activity—all you need is a pen and a notebook to get started! Writing regularly in a journal gives you an outlet for your thoughts and ideas, helping you understand your mind’s patterns better. Feeling a bit creative? Look for some inspiration on Instagram, where users who keep journals document their artsy spreads and then try turning your pages into an ~aesthetic~ daily record. 

Learn something new
There’s a wealth of instructional videos and tutorials online that you can access for free! Stimulate your brain by searching for something new to learn such as foreign language lessons for beginners or, maybe, how to knit or a recipe for a particular dish. You might end up with a new and enjoyable hobby once you’ve got the hang of the activity you chose to try! 

Give your intimate area some love, too!
You may not give it a lot of thought, but taking proper care of your body, especially your intimate area, can contribute to a better mental wellbeing, so make sure to keep this part out of your self-care regimen. 

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