Your Daily Care Against Odor

Your Daily Care
Against Odor

With many factors causing odor in the feminine area like sweat, hormones, clothing, and diet; you need daily care you can count on.

That's why every pH Care variant is now formulated with new pH Care OdorProTech, a technology that neutralizes bad odor in the feminine area.

The daily gentle care that you love, now also protects you from odor. #GoLangGirl

ph Care understands your delicate feminine need by providing you with everyday care that's right for you.

Unlike soap, pH Care has the right pH level of 5 that is gentle and safe for the feminine area.

  • 7 Intimate Benefits

    to feel clean, fresh, cool and odor-free everyday

  • pH Level of 5

    Clinically formulated with pH level of 5 to match the pH of the external genitalia

  • OB-Gyne Tested

    Safe and effective for everyday use

  • Hypoallergenic

    So you know it's mild and gentle

  • Anti-bacterial

    With anti-bacterial properties to wash away odor-causing bacteria

  • Cooling

    With cooling properties for a refreshing feeling

  • pH Care OdorProTech

    An enhanced technology that helps neutralize odor to keep you smelling fresh

  • Moisturizing

    With silky softeners to keep skin moisturized, soft and supple

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