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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is pH Care?

    pH Care is a Daily Feminine Wash that allows gentle and effective cleansing, while maintaining the natural pH of a woman’s intimate area.

  • What is pH?

    pH is short for Power of Hydrogen - which is a measure of the alkalinity or acidity of a solution. A woman’s external genitalia has a natural pH level of 5, and in order for it to maintain its health, it needs to be cleansed with a product that has the same pH level. And that’s precisely why pH Care was created. It is a mild, pH-balanced daily feminine wash that will allow you to feel fresh and odor-free everyday.

  • What age should I start using pH Care Feminine Wash?

    While pH Care is a mild and gentle feminine wash, we advise that adolescent women use pH Care upon having their first menstruation.

  • Can I use pH Care when I have my period?

    pH Care has a mild and gentle formulation that is safe for everyday use. On days when you have your period, you may still use pH Care to protect yourself from daily odor, itch, and irritation. Of course, you can also consult your doctor on this for additional advice.

  • How do I use pH Care?

    pH Care Feminine Wash comes in a liquid format that is gentle and easy to use. Wet your feminine area, pour a small amount of pH Care onto the palm of your hand and apply. Rinse thoroughly after cleansing. We suggest you use 2x a day to keep you fresh and odor-free!

  • Can I use pH Care while I'm pregnant?

    pH Care is mild and gentle enough for anyone to use. It can keep your feminine area clean and fresh everyday but if you have specific pregnancy concerns, we suggest you consult your OB-gynecologist first.

  • Can I use pH Care after giving birth?

    pH Care is gentle enough for daily use but we suggest you seek for your OB-Gyne’s advice if there are concerns especially after giving birth.

  • Does pH Care have side effects?

    pH Care Daily Feminine Wash is made with pH level 5, making it mild and gentle enought for everyday use. If you have any particular concerns about your feminine area, it is always best to consult your OB-gynecologist.

  • Can I use pH Care on other body parts?

    pH Care is a mild and gentle feminine wash intended for a woman's external genitalia. If you are experiecing any issues on other areas of your body, we suggest that you seek assistance from your doctor.

  • Can I use soap for my feminine area?

    Some soaps could be too harsh for your feminine area because of its high pH level. pH Care Daily Feminine Wash has the right pH level of 5, matching the natural pH of a woman's intimate area, so it's gentle and safe for everyday use. 

  • Is water enough to clean my feminine area?

    Our feminine area gets exposed to urine & sweat daily, and may need protection from bacteria and odor. All pH Care Daily Feminine Wash variants have pH Care OdorProTech™ that helps you stay fresh and odor-free everyday. It's a gentle, pH-balanced feminine wash that is safe to use everyday. When you are on the go, you can also use pH Care Feminine Wipes.

  • What is OdorProTech?

    pH Care OdorProTech™ is a new technology now present in all new pH Care Daily Feminine Wash variants to help neutralize odor in the feminine area everyday, so you can feel reassured that whichever variant you use, it can all help protect you from odor daily when used regularly.

  • What variant should I choose if I like  "fresh scents" / "floral scents"?

    You may want to try the new pH Care Floral Clean. It is enriched with Dual Hydrating Moisturizers to keep the skin soft and smooth and comes with a rosy fresh scent. You may also want to try pH Care Delicate White with Advance Whitening Complex that can effectively lighten your bikini area, while keeping you fresh with a gentle floral scent. You can try pH Care Floral Clean for as low as Php 5 and pH Care Delicate White for Php 7 per sachet only.

  • What variant should I choose if I like "cooling" effect?

    You may want to try the new pH Care Cooling Comfort. It is enriched with ActiveCool to provide an icy fresh feeling, giving you that linis-presko feeling all day. You can try pH Care Cooling Comfort for as low as Php 6 per sachet only.

  • What variant should I choose if I want an antibacterial but gentle effect?

    You may want to try the new pH Care Natural Protection. It contains real Guava leaf extract, which is known over generations to provide natural antibacterial protection from bacteria that causes odor, itch, and irritation in the intimate area. You can try pH Care Natural Protection for as low as Php 6 per sachet only.

  • What variant should I choose if I want a whitening effect?

    You may want to try the new pH Care Delicate White. It effectively lightens the bikini area with its Advance Whitening Complex, made of nature’s best skin lightening botanicals: Green Papaya, Lemon, Bengkoang (Singkamas), Thanaka, and Pomegranate.

  • How much is pH Care?

    pH Care product prices differ per variant and your place of purchase but here’s a price range for your reference.
    5ml (sachet): starts at Php 5
    30ml: starts at Php 30
    50ml: starts at Php 50
    150ml: starts at Php 123
    250ml: starts at Php 158
    Wipes: starts at Php 40

  • Where do I buy pH Care?

    pH Care Daily Feminine Wash can be found at all leading supermarkets, drugstores and department stores nationwide. You can also buy online from the UL Skin Sciences Official Store in Lazada, Shopee, and Watsons.

  • Where do I find these old variants? Naturals Guava, Cool Wind, Passionate Bloom, Shower Splash, Fresh Blossoms, Naturals Papaya, Powder Fresh, Fresh Daisies, Fragrance Free?

    pH Care products have been reformulated with enhanced benefits while still giving you the gentle care you deserve. It's still the same pH Care you trust, made even better. We hope you can try our new and improved variants: pH Care Natural Protection, pH Care Cooling Comfort, pH Care Floral Clean, and pH Care Delicate White. Also available in wipes format.

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