4 Super Thoughtful Gifts to Give Your BFF

We know how difficult it can be to give your friends gifts. You want something that reflects their personalities and interests, but not something ..
Juan Dela Cruz

Does it take you forever to think of what to give your friends? Read up on five great ideas here! 


We know how difficult it can be to give your friends gifts. You want something that reflects their personalities and interests, but not something that’ll just gather dust. Something that’s useful and will help make their lives even just a little bit easier, but isn’t inconvenient. Well, you’ve come to the right place for some good ideas! Here are five thoughtful gifts your friends will love, and will also show how much you love them.

Happiness Journal


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With modern life being as hectic and stressful as it is now, it’s important to remember to stop and smell the roses. And one good way to keep track of those good things, big or small, is to put them down in a journal. According to Yale University’s Center of Emotional Intelligence, taking time to write things down allows you to appreciate all the good things that happened in your day. Their studies showed that keeping a journal and writing down what you’re grateful for at the end of every day contributes to a happier and more enthusiastic life in the long-run.

So if there are days when your friend is feeling down, or maybe she’s going through a stressful week, giving her a happiness journal is like you giving her a warm hug of comfort and support through those tough times. It's a reminder that in the same way you're there for her through the good days, and bad ones too, there's always something to be grateful for everyday.

The Starting Point Journal (Php 950) available at Where To Next
Everything is Possible Journal (Php 598) available at Belle du Jour

Insulated Coffee Tumbler


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There’s nothing like some coffee to start a day after a long night cramming for an exam or maybe after just waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Some mornings just don’t feel complete without that bitter pick-me-up! But given it’s a new decade, there’s no reason we should still be having our coffee in plastic take-aways or single-use cups. Gift your friend a cute reusable coffee tumbler, perfect for her morning latte or, maybe if she has an extra long day of exams and projects ahead, her long black. 

Cork Travel Coffee Cup (Php 450) available at Made by Gaea
Demita Wallmug (Php 595) available at RIVERS Drinkware


Fun Class to Take Together


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Want to do something new next weekend? Or maybe take up a new hobby or take a personal passion to the next level? The only other thing better than doing that is bringing along a friend to do it with you! There are different classes and group activities around the city that you can gift your friend, and even better, you can gift them with your presence too! Learn something new or share your passion with your friends and add onto the memories you have together. 

Brewing Coffee at Home (Php 990) available at Yardstick Coffee
Painting Classes (Php 1000) available at Sip & Gogh


An Emergency Freshness Kit


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Nothing says #GotYouGirl than putting together a very special "emergency freshness kit" for sticky situations. Think small things that they can pull out in case the going gets tough or they need extra care: a rose-scented facial mist to keep her skin feeling soft and supple, pH Care Cool Wind to freshen up on the go during long work days, a tin of mints for fresh breath, some special mint tea for an instant peck-me-up, and then add something cute like a photo of you together in the early days just for the giggles.

Like a great friend, pH Care's always #GotYouGirl. Stay itch-free, odor-free, and worry-free every day with its specially formulated pH level of 5 that's effective but gentle enough for daily use.



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