10 Road Trip Essentials You Should Pack

So the stars have finally aligned and granted you and your barkada a common weekend to get together. Now you’re hitting the road for an...

Here's how to be worry-free on your next barkada trip!

So the stars have finally aligned and granted you and your barkada a common weekend to get together. Now you’re hitting the road for an unforgettable summer adventure with your girlfriends. But before you cruise that highway and chase after the sun, start prepping your essentials. Here are some things to stash in your weekender bag.

Chargers and Power Bank

Take all the photos you want, and keep yourselves safely connected by making sure you'll have all the juice you need in tow! Keep all them cables, adapters, batteries, and chargers organized in a handy pouch. 

Water Bottle

You’re headed somewhere hot and sunny, so take your own bottle with you for cold water always on-hand. Some gynecologists also advise drinking water for your vaginal health. Stay hydrated, healthy, and eco-conscious in the same beat!



Sunshine's great, but make sure you shield yourself from harmful UV rays at all times. They cause sunburn, premature aging, and (worse) skin cancer. So layer and reapply often.

Versatile Undergarments

When it comes to the undergarment department, neutral and breathable is key. Pick bra styles that go with most of your tops and outfits—say, a t-shirt bra with detachable straps. And always bring extra undies. You never know.

Travel-Sized Toiletries

You’ll only be gone a weekend, so no need for full-sized bottles. Get travel-sized variants of your feminine wash, shampoo, and conditioner. Or decant them into smaller containers for the trip. Hold on to these bottles to refill next vacation.

Stay fresh during your getaway and pack a feminine wash like pH Care, formulated at the optimal pH level of 5 so it’s good for everyday use.

Feminine Hygiene Products

You’ll never know if you’ll get your time of the month during a trip. And if you do, you’ll be thankful for a pack of pads in your bag. If you’re swimming, bring tampons or a menstrual cup. And for on-the-go hygiene and instant freshness, pack pH Care Feminine Wipes.


What’s a summer vacay without a dip in the ocean or a splash in the pool? Here’s your chance to snap up some great beach pics and make memories with your friends. A cute swimsuit is essential.

Needless to say, don’t stay in wet clothing for too long a time. It’s not good for your health, vaginal and otherwise. Change into clean, dry clothes the soonest you can after swimming. Use a delicate formulated feminine wash like pH Care to wash off any sand, chlorine, or residue near your feminine area to avoid irritation.

Light, Breathable Clothing

Light, Breathable Clothing

Nothing says summer OOTD better than an airy sundress in a bright color or vibrant print. Plus points if your weekend wardrobe comprises of loose clothing, linens, and other natural fabrics—clothes that won’t keep you too sweaty down there.


A large, lightweight scarf is a must-have for seasoned road-trippers. It’s not just a multi-colored fashion statement, it’s a multipurpose garment. Need a sarong, beach blanket, head-wrap, halter-top, or a shawl in a pinch? You got one.

Foldable Bag

Having an extra bag in your bag will save you from lugging around your oversized overnighter when your girlfriends decide to head down to the beach or explore the town. Just toss in your valuables (and sunscreen), and you’re totes good to go.

Enjoy your #summervacay and achieve your #travelgoals worry-free! Wherever you're headed, pH Care's #GoLangGirl!