5 Local Activewear Brands to Check Out Now

As we become more active and seek out more ways to exercise and keep our bodies healthy, these Filipino brands #GoLangGirl with high-performance...

These homegrown brands combine aesthetic and quality so you don't only look good, but also feel good.

As we become more active and seek out more ways to exercise and keep our bodies healthy, these Filipino brands #GotYouGirl with high-performance gear that will help make you look and feel your best — even while sweaty — with great quality and awesome price points.

Great workout gear is more than stylish. It’s functional, durable, and comfortable, taking care of your feminine area through breathable fabrics that won’t trap heat and moisture but still allow for any kind of movement. Check out these 5 homegrown activewear brands that will support you while you nail those intense workouts.


Php 980 – Php 2,480

MillennX Athletic Gear brings together aesthetics and durability. Their line boasts of women's sports fashion pieces that respond to the body's fluid motion and flatter the form. They describe their apparel — which ranges from sports bras, tops, tights, to swimwear — as fashion-forward, with world-class quality, but easy on the pocket.

Lotus Activewear

Php 350 – Php 650

Lotus Activewear makes sure to provide quality pieces that range from seamless bra tops, tights and shorts (with pockets!), to tank tops and tees. Aside from being affordable, their designs are also stylish and comfortable you'd want to wear them even outside the realm of the gym.

Atsui Athletics

Atsui Athletics | Athleisure

Php 750 – Php 2,500

Atsui Athletics is a high-performance athletic and athleisure brand that's inspired by Eastern philosophies. They started in 2014 with pieces made especially for Pilates and Yoga but has since 2017 become a purveyor of stylish activewear for all sorts of movements or workouts. Atsui also introduced airemov, a moisture-wicking high-elastane fabric that stretches four ways to allow the material to move as you do.

Ina Activewear

Php 500 – Php 1,500

If you’re looking for something simple but chic, former competitive figure skater, professional dancer and actress Ina Feleo’s line might just be for you. Ina Activewear pieces also provide support for your body no matter how intense your workout gets.

Flux Movement

Php 600 – Php 1,990

It’s all about the comfort and seamless movement for Flux. Proudly made in the Philippines, their activewear consists of sports bras and halter tops in solid colors. Flux makes sure women of all ages and body shapes get to look good while working out.

Flux Movement

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