What Your Sleepwear Style Says About You

It’s been often cited that successful people wear almost the same outfit every day. Unless they have their own personal stylist (how to be you?) ...

It is your most comfortable outfit of the day, right?

It’s been often cited that successful people wear almost the same outfit every day. Unless they have their own personal stylist (how to be you?) they’d much rather spend their decision-making capacity on things that matter. And just like your everyday wardrobe, your sleepwear is a daily fashion decision, too!

At the end of a long day, our instincts start making decisions for us. When you’re exhausted and just want to crash into that ocean of a bed that’s been calling you throughout the day, you freshen up and throw in the next best thing and get ready for your much-awaited part of the day: sleep.

And that half-awake decision you make can reflect the kind of lady you are.

A big shirt

“Take the first shirt you see” is your motto! Gals like these tend to favor comfort and tend to be more sentimental. You have a lot of big old shirts because you’ve kept them from all your experiences. That free shirt you got from that fun run you did last year? In your closet! Your old jersey from high school? Yup, still there! You like keeping things and reminding yourself of all the memories and adventures your life has been filled with. It’s nice to remember how colorful your life is, but you can also opt to KonMari some stuff — and maybe finally let go of that ratty shirt from when you were a kid?

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Matching pajamas

If your place ever burns down *knock on wood* at least you get to run out clothed, cute, and comfortable. Girls who wear matching PJs love a sense of control in everything they do. They like coming home knowing you have a bed fixed and a fresh pair of pajamas waiting to be worn by you. While it’s nice to know you never have to be caught looking like a mess, it’s also nice to dip your toes in some unplanned spontaneity every once in a while.

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Gym clothes

You take athleisure to a whole new level! Waking up ready for the day is your thing. You’re the type of lady who is always on the go. You’re active and always looking to seize your life’s next great adventure. In case of an emergency, put your hair in a top bun and you’re good to go! As fun as being an on-the-go-girl can be, don’t forget to slow down and take in life’s small moments, too.

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A nightgown

Now if you’d much rather enter dreamland in a cute nightgown, then sister, your feminine energy is all the way up! And good for you! You are comfortable with your femininity and enjoy your freedom. You love feeling beautiful and make sure to feed that even as you sleep. There’s no harm in sprinkling that god-is-a-woman vibe all day, but try to roll up your sleeves and mix it up sometimes — life might just surprise you!

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But regardless of what clothes you choose to sleep in, remember that your being a woman banks less on what you wear and more on how you take care of yourself from the inside out. Nurture your passions, wear what makes you feel most you, do what you love, keep yourself active, and keep your feminine area clean and fresh with pH Care before you head to bed. It's specially formulated with pH level of 5 to keep your delicate parts well-balanced.

Whatever you want to be, pH Care's here to support you to become the best YOU. We #GoLangGirl!