Moms Share The Most Important Things They Want Their Daughters To Know About Adulthood

Take it from mom!

If there’s one person in the world who knows about adulting as a woman more than anybody else, it’s your mom. 

From job-hunting or setting up her own business to budgeting her hard-earned money to raising a child, she’s a beautiful woman inside and out who’s done it all and she surely has some words of wisdom that she wants to let you know. 

Here’s a tell-all of moms who have something to say to their daughters about the most important lessons they learned about adulting and the real world:


“Never allow people to dictate to you how you should feel about yourself.”
-Mara, mother to 2 daughters


“It’s okay to cry when you get frustrated. Crying is healing. It’s a flood gate that needs to be opened, and it doesn’t matter if you’re 11 or 22 or 33—we all need to cry to let it all out.” 
-Aimee, mother to 1 daughter


“It’s okay to cut off relationships that don’t serve you. That goes across all things in life—work, old friendships, relatives, even family.”
-Lisa, mother to 1 daughter


“You are beautiful and you are enough. People can be mean. They might break hurtful words. Not just to you as a kid, but even as a grown-up. Always know that you are enough and if you’re not their cup of tea, that is okay!” 
-Yana, mother to 1 daughter


“You are free to love whoever you want. Just make sure they put you first and they bring out the best version of you.”
-Rose, mother to 1 daughter


Ang dami kong gustong ituro sa kanya, pero I want to tell her na it’s normal to get stressed, but never let it consume you. Wallow in it for a while and be sure to come out of it stronger and wiser.”
-Dawn, mother to 1 daughter


“Being an adult means being able to care for yourself and others. This means being independent in some ways but also being dependent on God—to constantly pray for guidance and strength and to be kind at all times.”
-Lorna, mother to 3 daughters


“I want her to know that as she grows older, she will get to face countless responsibilities in all aspects of her life and in each role she plays. The higher the step she takes, the more complicated and stressful they become. Sometimes, these responsibilities will seem less appealing and more difficult to commit to. Nonetheless, you must carry them out dutifully and at the best of your abilities.”
-Dory, mother to 1 daughter


“Body image is such a hot topic these days, so I want her to know that although puberty could be a tough phase in her life—with all the changes taking place in her body that won’t just affect her physically but emotionally as well—she will eventually grow into a beautiful woman inside and out, and that I’ll always be there whenever she needs me, no matter how old she may be.”
-Cecile, mother to 1 daughter

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