Teen Advice from Women In Their 20s

If there’s one life-changing piece of advice you could give to your teenage, pubescent self, what would it be? It’s fascinating how a simple...
Juan Dela Cruz

Oh puberty – we all know it's difficult. Here are pieces of advice on school, relationships, and self-love that you deserve to hear right now!

If there’s one life-changing piece of advice you could give to your teenage, pubescent self, what would it be? It’s fascinating how a simple question could make someone pause for a moment and think so deeply, slipping into a sudden reflective state. Well, looking back to your teenage years does that to you. And as we get older, there are just some things we wish we knew or fearlessly took on while we were younger—be it acquiring a healthy habit or joining a school org. 

Here, we round up pieces of advice women in their 20s would give to their younger self. And if you’re a teen who happened to stumble upon this page, just keep reading—you could learn a thing or two from your older sisters.

Love your body

You’ll go through a lot of changes during puberty—physically and emotionally. It will make you more conscious about how people see you, and your self-confidence is sure to take a hit. But you need to know that there is no standard when it comes to beauty or shape; that humans grow differently. Don’t easily take anybody’s word or critique, especially about your body and what you should do with it. Only you can decide what’s best for yourself. This sounds so cliché now, but I wish I had someone tell it to me back then. 

-Joan, 25

Try out a sport or a hobby to break free from the stress of studying

Yes, grades matter, but having fun and getting active are just as important, especially when you’re younger. If you’re invested in something you enjoy or are truly passionate at a young age, you have a productive diversion from stress. Plus, if it's a physical activity like sports, exercising, or working out, it will keep you in shape and help delay your metabolism from slowing down as you age. Getting active also helps ease menstrual cramps! 

-Lanie, 25

Never measure friendship in numbers

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When I was younger, I envied the popular girls in school—you know, those who are part of a huge group of friends, with a group name known to my year level or even throughout the entire school. But as I got older, I realized that having a small but trusted circle of friends is more than enough. 

-Jannelle, 27

Be nicer to people

I was a kid with an attitude, so I think had I been nicer to people around me back then, I would have better relationships with them now. Really, a simple act of kindness can go a long way. 

-Einz, 25

Don’t be afraid to try out new things

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When I was younger I was always too shy and too scared of judgment, so I didn’t join school club activities often or just went for the usual stuff that wouldn’t make me stand out. I didn’t dare myself to be different or explore other avenues for self-growth simply because I didn’t want to be judged. But I eventually realized that people will always have something to say, and it’s up to you if you will let their words affect you. As long as you’re doing well with whatever it is that you chose to do, enjoy it, learn from it, and grow from it. 

-Aikea, 25

School and grades aren't the only things that matter

I remember thinking how worthless I was because I couldn't pass an exam I studied weeks for. I remember losing sleep, crying even, because I couldn't finish a paper on time. Your grades do not define your self-worth. You are not your failures. 

-Mae, 23

When in doubt, it’s okay to ask for advice

There were a lot of things I found pretty daunting during puberty—from picking out my first bra to deciding whether or not I should start wearing makeup—and these were things that I was too embarrassed to even bring up to anyone. But now that I’m much older, I’ve realized that it’s perfectly fine to ask for help if you think you could use some, no matter how small your concern is. So if you think your mom, older sister, or even a close friend could help you with something, don’t be afraid to approach them because they’ll be more than happy to come to your rescue! 

-Becca, 28

Stick with friends who will always make it a point they #GotYouGirl

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Some of your teenage friends will be your lifelong friends. Invest in honest, sincere, and accepting relationships you're sure to reap in the future. It's always worth it.

-Liv, 29
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