A Guide to Daily Regimen for Dalagas

While the basic practices of good hygiene you learned as kids are still relevant – such as brushing your teeth twice a day, taking a shower..

As you get older, you also need to update your daily hygiene and grooming regimen. Here are five new things you should think about doing!

While the basic practices of good hygiene you learned as kids are still relevant – such as brushing your teeth twice a day, taking a shower, washing your hands regularly – as you get older and as your body goes through different changes, it’s time to build on these habits too. Here are some tips and steps you can take to make these new changes manageable and help you tackle this exciting new phase in your life!

Create a basic skincare routine

Your skin experiences some of the more visible reactions when puberty kicks in. Hormones trigger the oil glands in your body that naturally moisturize your skin, but oftentimes they become overactive, and you’ve probably noticed when this happens ?— maybe your face starts to get oily and shiny in the middle of the day, especially around your T-zone (along your nose and the line across your eyebrows), or you’re starting to get bumps and pimples when you never used to. To help with that, now’s the best time to start a skincare routine! You don’t have to jump right into the seven-step or ten-step Korean skincare routine. Start with the basics:

  • Facial Wash – Use a gentle facial wash to wash your face in the morning and at night, to clean your face of the dirt and oil collected during the day.
  • Moisturizer – A light, gel moisturizer is best if you’re dealing with oily skin and our tropical weather. Its non-greasy texture lets it sink smoothly into your skin, giving your skin ample moisture. And if your skin is moisturized, it lessens the work of your oil glands, and they create less oil for your skin.
  • Sunscreen – A skincare must! Aside from the inherent protection it gives to protect you from the sun’s UV rays, it’s the most effective step to fight against the signs of aging. Yes, you’re young, but the best time to start is now! Your future self will thank you.

And whenever you do try a new product, remember always to patch test it on small parts of your face first to see whether your face will react to it! Or if you can, visit a dermatologist for expert advice.

Basic Makeup Kit

This time is also the best time to put yourself out there and experience new things, whether it’s a big presentation at school or hanging out with your friends and meeting new people! And sometimes a little bit of makeup to accentuate our features can give that added boost of confidence you need. Don’t feel pressured to get started on a full face of makeup right away. Start with the basics:

  • Eyebrow pencil or mascara to define your eyebrows and frame your face. You instantly look a lot more groomed when your eyebrows are fixed. Kilay is life, as they say!
  • Soft blush to add a subtle glow to your cheeks
  • Tinted lip balm to give your lips a little pop of color and keep them moisturized throughout the day.

Makeup is a fun experience of finding out which products help bring out the best parts of your face, so start exploring and have fun!

Choose your signature scent

Choose your signature scent

It's time to move on from the baby cologne and choose a scent that you feel suits you and represents your tastes, and your budding personality. What you need to know about scents is that the smell actually varies from person to person because of how each formula reacts to your unique body chemistry.

This means you should just sniff and buy. You actually need to put them on and see (or smell?) how the scent mixes with your skin. You'd probably want to steer clear of overly fruity or intensely floral scents, and choose something more subtle, and age-appropriate like those with light lavender, refreshing citrus, or comforting vanilla notes.

Start using an antiperspirant or deodorant

As you get older, the mix of active sweat glands and growing body hair increases the chances of having body odor. But don’t worry, a good antiperspirant or deodorant will do the trick! Note they’re not the same thing. Deodorants block or mask odors, while antiperspirants prevent sweating. So find what matches your lifestyle! Having a relaxed day indoors and don’t plan on sweating much? A deodorant will keep you fresh. Hectic day? Use an antiperspirant to keep dry. But don’t worry, there are already a ton of products out there that can do both!

Practice good feminine hygiene

It’s also important to make sure to take extra care of your intimate areas as you get older, use pH Care everyday to protect from bacteria and odor brought about by build up of sweat and urine! Wear cotton underwear as much as possible because the fabric doesn’t absorb moisture or heat, so you can ‘breathe’ down there. Protect yourself from bacteria and odor by using a feminine wash with a gentle formula like pH Care Naturals Guava Feminine Wash. It's specially formulated with a pH level of 5 plus the anti-bacterial properties of real guava leaf extracts.

Adolescence and puberty is a time of many changes, but also a lot of new experiences, so take the time to add a few little things in your life to help you make the most of them! Want to chat? You can always #talktophcare! Start a chat with us or drop us a message, we #GoLangGirl!