Top Breast Related Questions for Teens Answered

Puberty sure is a tough phase. You’re caught up with so many changes going on in your body that no science and health book you use in school could...

Plus, pieces of advice to keep you *abreast* with your growing body

Puberty sure is a tough phase. You’re caught up with so many changes going on in your body that no science and health book you use in school could have prepared you for. Not to mention, the internet is suddenly a scary place to look for answers, and you’re starting to wonder if everything that you’ve been feeling lately is normal. (Believe us, it is!)

Among the most obvious changes you’ve probably observed in your body are your growing breasts. Your chest area now feels more tender, sensitive, and noticeably lumpier. Whether you’re happy or a bit taken aback by these new developments, you most likely have a lot of questions you’re too embarrassed to ask. 

Because we #GoLangGirl, we have answers to 12 of your burning boob-related questions. Let’s go!

Why is one bigger than the other?

Your boobs are not supposed to look perfectly symmetrical, so this shouldn’t be a cause for concern. And just a little trivia for you: It’s the left side that usually appears slightly bigger—just like how the organs located on your left are typically a bit larger, say your left kidney and left ventricle. But that doesn’t mean having a bigger right boob is out of the ordinary. 

It’s getting a bit uncomfortable. When do they stop growing?

There is no fixed time when a girl’s breasts will stop growing since everybody experiences puberty differently. However, breasts can grow or change in shape up until a girl reaches 18. 

When should I start wearing a bra?


We’ll tell you what: Bras are actually optional! Yes, you don’t have to wear them just because everybody seemingly does. However, if you want some support and coverage for your growing boobs, you can start wearing a training bra, also known as “baby bra”, as soon as breast budding begins. 

What should I look for in a good bra?

A good training bra is lightweight, made with cottony-soft fabric, and is not too tight. Don’t be shy to ask your mom or big sister to accompany you to a store to pick out your first bra—they’re the best people to help you with the daunting task!

Mine’s still flat, though—when will it start growing?

Again, everybody experiences puberty differently. You might be what they call a “late-bloomer” and that’s okay! Now, if you’ve developed barely-there breasts, that’s also okay! Celebrities like Kate Moss, Keira Knightley, and Taylor Swift have learned to embrace their flat chests, and you should, too! You’re beautiful as you are and it’s about time you celebrate what makes you unique!

Is it normal to have dark nipples?

Light, dark, brownish—nipples come in different colors and even sizes! Really, it’s not something you should be stressing over. 

I noticed a stray hair growing on my areola—is this normal?

Having a hair or two grow on your areola is totally normal! They come and go, though you can always tweeze them off if you want to get rid of them. But if you notice a dense patch of hair growth, it might be related to an underlying hormonal condition that should be checked by your doctor.

My nipples also get hard sometimes. Why does that happen?

Your nipples have a lot of nerve endings, meaning they easily react to anything that stimulates them like cold temperature. 

Why do my boobs hurt around the time I get my period?

Soreness is a result of hormones being released into your bloodstream during this time in your menstrual cycle. It will pass once your period’s over, but if the pain bothers you that much, you can take some ibuprofen.

I felt a tiny lump—should I be worried? What am I supposed to do about it?

Here’s the thing: Tiny breast lumps are rarely ever serious causes for concern among young women, so don’t let fear and worry take you over. For some peace of mind, go see a doctor. They might require some imaging tests (oftentimes, an ultrasound) to identify the characteristics of the lump you found. 

*If you feel like something is amiss with your body, do not think twice to schedule an appointment with a specialist to get yourself checked and have all your concerns addressed.

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