What's the Fuzz: Should You Keep It or Go Bare?

So all your friends are talking about going bare, and waxing ads are popping up left and right. You wonder, Is this the norm? Am I a weirdo for...

No more beating around the bush. Let's talk about hair down there.

So all your friends are talking about going bare, and waxing ads are popping up left and right. You wonder, Is this the norm? Am I a weirdo for having a full bush? Should I shave it all off? 

And if you do decide to remove your pubic hair, the next challenge is figuring out how to do it right ?— which is crucial. If you do it wrong, you’re facing the risk of discomfort, embarrassing odor, and even infection! Yikes.    

All this new territory is scary, but that’s why we’re here to guide you. We’ve got you covered with answers to your pube questions. Get to know your bush, and you’ll get along just fine! 

Is there a normal amount of pubic hair? 

Yes and no.  

Fully grown pubic hair should span from the inner thighs up to the pubic bone, with sort of a triangle shape. But if you’ve only started getting pubic hair, don’t panic if you don’t see a full bush yet. It takes time to reach the “full maturation stage.”  

Take note: Too much or too little pubic hair can be signs of health issues. See your doctor if your pubic hair starts to grow onto the fronts of your thighs and/or upward on the stomach. Typically, a physician can prescribe remedies to fix the condition.

So how much hair should I really have down there?

To go bare or to let it grow? It’s entirely up to you! 

Some girls like a bare bikini area, while others feel too exposed. Some prefer a partial trim over a completely bare V that requires more upkeep. Think of it as a personal preference. Do what feels right for you. Your feminine care matters more than the amount of hair you have down there. 

How do I properly remove pubic hair?

Prefer a bare bikini area or even a partially trimmed bush? Shaving, trimming, and waxing are all fine. But you have to know the guidelines and precautions. 

Some general tips when removing your pubic hair:

  • Better leave it to the professionals (at least at first) - To help you avoid ingrown hairs, bumps, and infections, it's probably better to have it done at a reputable salon. These places should follow proper protocol when it comes to hygiene — the area should be sanitized, and the aesthetician should wear gloves the entire time.  
  • Avoid shaving or waxing during your period - Your skin is more sensitive to pain at this time. 
  • Keep your V clean - Less hair can make you more vulnerable to harmful bacteria and pathogens. A reliable feminine wash will keep you safe from these threats. pH Care has a gentle, pH-balanced formula that you can use every day without irritating your freshly shaved or waxed skin. #GotYouGirl  

What if I choose to let it grow? 

That’s perfectly fine, too! Just keep in mind: good hygiene is key to avoiding odors or bacteria that hold onto the hair. 

Let it Grow

Regular, thorough cleaning will ease your worries of odor, itching, and irritation down there. pH Care has a pH level of 5 that’s powerful enough to keep irritants out but gentle enough for daily use on your feminine area.