Stop Beating Around the Bush

As girls hit puberty, one of the major bodily changes we face is hair sprouting in new places like the underarms and crotch. This is perfectly...

Should you wax, shave, or do nothing at all? Whether you want to love it or leave it, here’s the lowdown on how pubic hair down there really affects your vaginal health.

As girls hit puberty, one of the major bodily changes we face is hair sprouting in new places like the underarms and crotch. This is perfectly natural and is just another sign that – congratulations – you’re blooming into womanhood!

However, with a bushy V comes the age-old debate: keep the hair or go bare?

On the one hand, apart from the popularized opinion that a hairless body looks better, it is also believed that your pubes can trap sweat, dirt, and odor-causing bacteria. On the other, those who are pro-grow claim that continuous shaving and waxing not only irritates the skin, but exposes your intimates to the elements, making you that much more vulnerable to infection and irritation.

So, which is the better choice, really? The short answer is both options are perfectly safe, for so long as you have an effective feminine hygiene routine in place.

Here’s what the experts say:


If you’d rather keep things au naturale, you’ll be happy to learn that much like our eyelashes or the hair on our heads, pubic hair acts as a natural protective barrier between the feminine area and outside irritants. It doesn’t directly cause odor. In fact, it’s there to protect you from it.

However, pubic hair has its limitations. Without a regular thorough cleaning, bacteria can stick and build up over time, making you more prone to odor, itching, and irritation down there. To better keep irritants out, be sure to use an antibacterial feminine wash that’s powerful but gentle enough for daily use on the intimate area. Feminine wipes will also come in handy on hot days where you just need a little freshness on-the-go. Remember, the cleaner you keep your V, the less work the hairs have to do!


If you’d rather go bare and beautiful, stripping your fem area of hair will lessen sweat and odor build-up, will keep things feeling easy breezy, and will probably make slipping into some swimwear a more forgiving experience.

Unfortunately, without your V’s natural first line of defense, you become more exposed to harmful bacteria and pathogens. In this case, the ideal is to use a feminine wash with a gentle, pH-balanced formula to give your vagina the daily protection it needs without irritating freshly shaved or waxed skin.

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So forget what you’ve heard! The next time your girls start arguing over whether or not to go hairless, let them know that proper vaginal care is not about hair. What matters is that you’re well-equipped with the right tools to give your V the upkeep it needs, no matter what you choose.