8 Practical Ways To Stay Focused During Distance Learning

Go get that A+!

“Distance learning” wasn’t a concept most of us knew about until we started to adapt to the new normal. The term, which basically means attending school through online platforms, has become part of the current reality of students of all ages today—and this drastic shift didn’t prove to be easy. 


Many struggled to adjust to their new learning environment a.k.a. their homes as countless distractions stole their attention—from the scent of food cooking in the kitchen to the sound of music playing in the other room. And if you find yourself in the same situation, carry on reading because you might find these tips helpful to stay focused and concentrated during your future online learning sessions: 


Set up a study space
One of the most important factors of an effective distance learning experience is having space where you can put your mind into studying. Whether it’s just a tiny corner in your room or a spacious area in your house that’s been allotted for you, see to it that your designated study space is free of clutter and away from distractions. These include the TV, your game consoles, items for a hobby you enjoy, and your pet. During class hours, keep the door shut, if possible, to prevent any family member from barging in. 


Keep a planner
From your class schedules to your homework deadlines, taking note of important dates and times as well as everything you need to accomplish in a planner will help you stay on track and remind you of the tasks that you have yet to complete. 


Turn your camera on and participate in class
If you have your camera on, you have the impression of being “seen” by your teacher just like how you feel in a real classroom setting. This then prompts you to be more active in class, improving your focus and concentration in the subject. 


Take short breaks
Remember those idle times you spent in the classroom while waiting for your next class? Perhaps, you spent it chit-chatting with a friend or taking a power nap. Whatever it was you used to do, you should know that it’s completely fine to take short breaks, too, when you’re learning online! Go have a good stretch, a short meditation session, scroll through your feed, or doodle something. Unwinding every now and then also prepares your brain to absorb new information. 


Hydrate and munch on snacks
Hunger and thirst can get to your head—even more so when you’re in the middle of a lecture. Prevent these bodily distractions by keeping a glass of water within your reach and refueling with healthful snacks like sliced fruit or granola bars from time to time. 


Use a study timer
If you think you’re not managing your time well, a study timer might help. Plot out your day in your planner and use a timer to ensure that you are doing your tasks and delivering them on time. Trying this technique might feel pressured at first, but using a timer makes you more conscious about how you use your time. 


Get a good night’s sleep
Focusing in class is difficult if you are sleepy, so make sure you get quality sleep every night. Avoid pulling all-nighters as much as possible, set a fixed bedtime, and stick to it. On average, a student should get at least eight hours of sleep every night. This is enough to enhance your memory, regulate your mood, and increase your productivity. 

The best way to ease yourself into the mood of learning is by starting your daytime routine with a warm shower. Not only does it cleanse the body, but it also helps you feel prepared and ready to face the day with freshness and confidence!

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