This Is How Girls Stay Safe When Hanging Out With Friends In The New Normal

Find out how women today take the extra step to stay safe when they’re out and about with their gal pals!

Getting in touch with friends has become so much easier through the years. And today, we have the convenient options of sending them a quick SMS, a message through an online chatting service, or giving them a video call—among many others. But despite these technological advances, can we all just admit that there’s still nothing that compares to meeting your besties in person?
The experience in itself is a lot more exciting. It’s something that you look forward to. And, well, it feels real. There’s still this unique sense of connection you get when you see your gal pals in the flesh, even in the new normal. And to make the best of their time, girls have become crafty to keep their friendly hangouts fun and safe at the same time:
“For me, to safely hang out in the new normal, the safety measures I take start at home. That includes topping up on supplements like multivitamins, eating nutritious foods—especially fruits and veggies loaded with vitamin C—as well as getting at least 10 minutes of exercise daily. I’ve never really been a health buff. In fact, I used to love junk food, but na-realize ko na giving my immune system a boost and keeping it healthy are huge factors to avoid getting sick.”
-Angel, 24

“As much as possible, I only see my friends in open-air spaces like parks and restaurants with al-fresco dining areas. Meeting in such places minimizes getting in close contact with others and allows us to try fun activities that we never really got to do together in the past like exercising, jogging, or just catching up with each other’s lives in a super chill environment.”
-Kei, 25

“My friends and I have always been super close, and we’d always hug or do beso-beso as our greeting. But with the recent events, we agreed that we’ll do away with those practices for now and just enjoy each other’s contactless company whenever we meet. After all, it’s for our own safety and our friendship can never be defined by distance.”
-Kass, 23

“Spontaneous hang-outs are a big no-no for me and my circle. Sudden trips and meet-ups used to be exciting, but now that we have stay safe for our and our families’ sake, we see to it that we plan out everything prior to meeting. Our activities should also take place in areas where safety measures are stringently being practiced. So far, we’ve tried a day of pampering at a spa and distance glamping. ‘Di bale nang maraming contact tracing efforts at requirements. Basta safe kaming lahat.”
-Leah, 29

“The new normal challenged me and my friends to think outside the box when it comes to our meet-ups. Dati, magkikita lang kami sa mall tapos kakain, but now, we’re exploring other options that are fun and safe. Believe me, there are actually a lot! We recently tried archery, and the facility was extremely strict. The people allowed inside were limited, there were health declarations to be filled and other protocols that we had to comply with. The equipment was thoroughly disinfected and we were constantly reminded to sanitize our hands. It may sound like a hassle for some, but this is our current reality. We might as well take care of ourselves while having a good time.”
-Mel, 26

“My friends and I are avid foodies, so kung magkikita kami, it’s always at a restaurant. These days, though, since we can’t be too complacent, we bring our own utensils and disinfect the tables and plates before eating. We also choose restaurants that are less crowded and have open-air sections.”
-Camille, 23

“Whenever I have to meet my friends—which isn’t so often now, by the way—I bring a bag with all my essentials. From my phone and wallet to my sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and extra face mask, it has to carry everything I need to feel and stay protected. I don’t really mind if it’s heavy. What’s important is that I get everything covered even before I step out of the door.”
-AJ, 24
Meeting with your BFFs in the new normal? Don’t forget to stay safe and practice safety measures as well as proper hygiene when you head out! This includes keeping your intimate area protected from itch and odor-causing bacteria, especially when you find yourselves needing to use a public restroom.
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