Women Share Their Work From Home Essentials That Boost Productivity

Aside from a stable internet connection and a trusty computer, of course.

What makes a good home workstation?

This is a question many of us found ourselves asking as the COVID-19 pandemic took a turn for the worse, and we were left without a choice but to stay home and work remotely in the meantime for the sake of everyone’s safety.

For those who have been accustomed to working in a regular office setting, the sudden shift proved to be quite a challenge—crippling, even, without much-needed facilities at reach. The idea of being at home is also often associated with rest and relaxation. And, not to mention, distractions are everywhere—really now, how many times were you tempted to sleep in and stay in bed on a workday? (Don’t worry, we won’t let your boss know!)

So to stay productive in a day, former office workers had to figure out how to be effective employees despite the drastic changes in their work set-up, and that includes investing in remote work essentials. 

Here, seven women share their favorite work from home must-haves that you might want to consider getting, too:


“It’s become a habit of mine to keep track of my deliverables, so even though I’m working from home and there’s nothing grand to look forward to these days, I still keep a planner. In it, I list all the things I have to accomplish for the day, so I know what to prioritize and don’t forget anything.”
-Angelli, 25

Portable Desk

I don’t have a fixed workspace in our house, but I usually find myself working in our living room or in my bedroom, so I got myself this portable folding desk for cheap online. I love how I can set it up pretty much anywhere—on my bed, on the floor, on our couch—and voila, I have an instant mini office!
-Nina, 27

Study Timer

“As an editorial assistant, I have A LOT of deadlines to meet in a day, so I see to it that I manage my time wisely and not waste a single second during work hours. To make sure I deliver on time, I use a study timer. It really helps me. And if I ever feel like I’m slacking off, it reminds me that I still have something to finish, so I get right into it stat!”
-Bia, 22

Noise-Cancelling Headset

“Almost all office functions are done online now, and that includes meetings. Since it can get loud at home, and I don’t want to cause any unnecessary noise whenever I join online meetings, especially during important ones, I use a headset that reduces noise and produces a good sound, so I can hear the other participants clearly.”  
-Kristine, 24

Bluetooth Speaker

“I tend to be more productive whenever I work with music in the background, so a speaker is a must for me. I use a small desk Bluetooth speaker, which I pair with my mobile phone. I also have a playlist of my favorite songs that I listen to and, sometimes, sing along to whenever I need to take a break.”
-Joan, 26  

Laptop Stand and Bluetooth Keyboard

“I like working with my laptop screen at eye level, so prop it on a laptop stand. And since typing can be uncomfortable with the built-in keyboard of my laptop at an awkward angle, I use a Bluetooth keyboard. It’s flat on my desk, and the keys feel more tactile, too!” 
-Angie, 26

Ergonomic Chair

“Bad posture can become a problem when you’re working from home. So to avoid posture-related body pains (and as recommended by my physical therapist), I got myself an ergonomic chair. It is comfortable to sit on, doesn’t give me a backache, and it also puts me under the impression that I’m working in an actual office. Sure, an ergonomic chair can be a bit pricey, but it definitely proves itself to be a good purchase in the long run.” 
-Ven, 26

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