How to Choose the Right Underwear for You

Underwear is the first item of clothing you put on and the last thing you take off, so why is it weird to have a conversation with anyone about it?

Choosing underwear — from fabric, fit, and style — can make or break your day. When it comes to staying comfortable and feeling secure, these tips will go a long way!

Underwear is the first item of clothing you put on and the last thing you take off, so why is it weird to have a conversation with anyone about it?

If underwear talk and discussing your preference with salesladies make you awkward, you’re not alone. But here’s the thing – you shouldn’t be. Wearing the right underwear can make you feel worry-free and so secure that you'll feel you're more ready to seize the day. Because it's not just underwear, it’s an item of clothing that can define how your day will go. So how do you choose the perfect one for you?

Prioritize comfort and durability

Your underwear is the first layer of clothing that touches not only your skin but your intimate areas too. More than the cut and design, you should take your health and comfort into consideration. If it’s too tight, the friction will cause discomfort, irritation, and even chaffing. Synthetic fabrics trap heat and aren’t sweat-absorbing, so go for ones that are moisture-wicking and will provide you with proper ventilation. Underwear comes in different fabrics such as nylon, polyester, spandex, and silk, but the tried and tested healthiest fabric for your intimates is cotton. It absorbs excess moisture, provides breathability and ventilation, and is easiest to clean

Put your body type into consideration

Women’s bodies aren’t all the same. Some women’s hips are built narrow, some are wide, some have flat buttocks, and some are curvy. Some have wide backs or heavy breasts. There’s no perfect body. Different types of underwear can help accentuate different areas like your bosom, hips, and buttocks. At the end of the day, picking underwear boils down to personal preference, specific taste, and level of modesty. Nobody knows your body better than you! But we all can agree that a good fit is crucial. Since you obviously can't fit underwear at a store, come prepared.

For the right bottoms, measure your waist and the fullest part of your hips both in inches and centimeters (just to be safe). With both numbers handy, you can choose anything from high waist to bikini cuts.

Some shops sell undies with just the standard S, M, L, and XL size labels. Rough measurements for these are:

  • S: 24 - 25 inches
  • M: 26 - 27 inches
  • L: 28 - 29 inches
  • XL: 30 - 31 inches

If you want to stick to the safe side, bring that tape measure with you while shopping.

You don’t have to settle for just one type of underwear

Under Wear

The perfect undergarment can make or break an outfit. Imagine if you wore a body-tight dress and you get bumps from the wrong type of undies — what a mood killer!

There’s more than one type of underwear for women and buying pairs that fit your wardrobe is a must. For tight dresses and leggings, plain seamless bras and panties are more appropriate to wear. This kind of bra doesn't show marks and patterns on clothes. Seamless panties are made of soft, thin fabric with edges designed be invisible under your clothes — just make sure you choose one with a cotton crotch for maximum comfort.

For everyday, a bikini type of underwear is common and can be worn with most clothing such as your everyday pair of jeans. Tip: for extra confidence, use pH Care Delicate White everyday to help lighten your bikini area.

If you like wearing dresses, you should own a pair of boy shorts which are essentially boxers for girls. They’re comfortable, they hug your hips, and they don’t show too much cheek. Tip: for max freshness even with full coverage underwear, use pH Care Cooling Comfort everyday.

Classic briefs, on the other hand, are comfortable for sleep! A good tip to remember is to have a set of well-fitting undies for red days. Make sure it keeps your pads in place for sleep and busy days. 

High cuts and control underwear can help hide tummy bulges if you want a better silhouette. And for working out, invest in sports bras that provide you with maximum support. Tip: to stay itch- and odor-free, use pH Care Natural Protection.

A trip to the undies aisle is a rite of passage for every woman and it’s a personal experience too. It allows you to be in control and to decide what you like and what you don’t like, what you get and shouldn’t get. It’s about time you graduated from your old pairs and learned to pamper yourself!

More than finding the perfect underwear, you should also learn to take care of your intimate areas with gentle cleansers. pH Care is specially formulated with anti-itch and anti-irritants that can cleanse and protect. With the right undies hand-in-hand with good hygiene, you’ll be comfortable and secure in whatever outfit you wear.