The Best Foods to Keep You Healthy Down There

It’s easier to have access to healthy foods these days. With a wide variety of options, you can pick what suits your palate. But do you know the...

You know the types of food to eat to stay healthy. But can you name one food that can help keep your vag healthy? Here are five.

It’s easier to have access to healthy foods these days. With a wide variety of options, you can pick what suits your palate. But do you know the foods that can keep your feminine area healthy?

The vagina keeps itself healthy by using immune defenses, natural secretions, and good bacteria. you can keep it healthy and stay away from infections by practicing good hygiene and eating the right food.

When it comes to that, some choices are better than others. Check out this list to see which ones are already part of your diet and which ones to add.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice

Before you pick up the first cranberry juice box you find, take note that only 100% cranberry juice is recommended. If you’re prone to UTI (urinary tract infection) issues, you can benefit from the protective effects of this superfood against infections from the bacteria that affect your bladder wall.

You can drink it for prevention so you won’t have a repeat case of UTI. For that, you have the cranberry’s antioxidant content to thank.


Many good things have been said about probiotics, but specifically, Lactobacillus deserves recognition for its role in keeping acidity levels balanced down there.

Next time you’re downing kombucha or enjoying kimchi, think about how probiotics help maintain order among the microflora in your vagina. These good bacteria also fight off the bad ones that may stick to vaginal tissues.


Foods that contain soy include tofu, edamame, soy milk, soy sauce, and miso. You’re probably familiar with soy as a meat alternative. It can replace fatty foods such as bacon, cheese, hamburgers, hot dogs, and even ice cream. But it can also make vaginal dryness, a sign of lower estrogen levels, go away.


A popular breakfast staple, this fruit is a delicious substitute if you are not a fan of soy. Yes, it improves estrogen levels. And it is said to enhance lubrication and strengthen vaginal walls. These can all work toward better fertility, libido, and overall vag health, positive effects that you can enjoy for a long time.

What’s not to love?


Last but not least, meet the prebiotics. These compounds are found in foods like asparagus, garlic, oats, onions, and whole wheat products, among others, you can also get your daily dose from banana, barley, cherries, and legumes.

Remember that prebiotics are preferred for their ability to balance your vagina’s pH level.

Prebiotics share that ability with pH Care, a specially formulated feminine care solution with a pH level of 5. It cleanses your lady parts without causing harm, making it safe for everyday use.

Together with a pantry filled with good food, you are sure that pH Care's #GoLangGirl when it comes to maintaining a healthy vag all the way. To read more articles that will help you learn more your health and yourself, check out, or if you’re up for a chat, feel free to shoot us a message.